This procedure consists in an increase in volume more or less associated with a relative elongation of the penis. These two simple actions allow to obtain excellent results provided only by strict indications.
Some men suffer in private or community feeling to have a little sex, athletes practicing a team sport are the main applicants, the transition to the showers being experienced as a hassle.
We talk about small penis within 3 cm and 10 cm in erection. Micropenis frequent in obese, is a malformation requiérant more complex interventions.
Maintenance during the consultation is essential, since one must determine whether there is a functional problem during sex. The applicant patient authorizes it an easy shortcut sometimes unconscious, with greater sex, no more impotence problems. This is most often patients with normal measurements and according to circumstances, be sent to a psychologist or a specialist urologist sexual disorders. In other cases, it may propose a penoplasty.
The first step involves the injection of the patient’s own fat in the penis allowing a substantial increase in volume. The fat is imposed by liposuction on the abdomen, thighs or sides and then reinjected using a material specially designed barrel immediately under the skin from two small lateral incisions at the base of the penis. This technique is derived from that used in plastic surgery in the fillings of wrinkles or certain losses of substance. Fat is incorporated into the recipient tissue as a graft.
There are currently no puisq’il rejection is the patient’s own tissue, and the absorption rate is about 30%.
The postoperative are simple, allowing immediate resumption of urination and sexual intercourse after 10 days. The postoperative edema disappears in a few days.
The second gesture may be associated, is the relative elongation of the penis obtained by section of the suspensory ligament of the penis. By a small incision at the lower edge of the pubis, the rod is detached from the bone edge while enabling its advanced 3 cm.
So this is the same rod, just ahead of projected 3 cm.
There is an adverse effect, namely loss of erection by 30 ° relative to the vertical.
These techniques, although simple, must be performed by a plastic best in a specialized center. During the consultation, the practitioner decides the operative strategy based on the patient’s wish. The satisfaction index is 90% with not only a sense of well-being, but also an improved sexuality.