Calves and ankles

The legs and ankles

They should be considered together because it is rare that a thick ankle follows a very fine calf. The trickiest is therefore to realize a work that degraded the overall look will be harmonious. On the calves, the layer of fat is rarely significant and the slightest defect shows. Ankle, she is a difficult area because the skin is thick and fat not clearly demarcated. All this detailed work is done to the syringe. Even in the most expert hands, there may be irregularities or lack of symmetry between the two legs. The reward of a successful outcome is that the result is visible immediately. This does not preclude having to wear compression stockings for a month. When
legs “pole”, their cylindrical shape is always hereditary and is not a good indication for surgery. Large legs combine fat overload, lymphatic and venous insufficiency and therefore edema. Their treatment is primarily a phlebologist or Angiology (Specialist for vessels). It is through diet, stimulation of venous and lymphatic return, sports, and drainage, but only late in the race, liposuction fat, at the same time, improves venous return.



Superficial liposuction

Before surgery, the surgeon makes a venous and lymphatic clinical assessment to ensure that it is a cellulite problem and not an edema due to poor blood circulation.