When in addition to fat excess there is also an important skin flaccidity, liposuction alone is not sufficient, an inner thigh lifting is needed. Surgery takes out excess skin and reduces fat panicles and treats muscle laxity.



A pre-surgery test is requested to detect any side effects.
Peridural or local anesthesia is necessary. Firstly a liposuction will be done, to reduce fat infiltration which is often important on the thighs. The incision is done in the inguinal fold and prolonged to the buttock fold.
The surplus skin is resected, an attachment to the muscular and aponeurotic surface is carried out. The scar, in a natural skin fold, is discrete.
After surgery a tight bandage (or elastic panty-hose) is to be worn for a few days. A 24 hour stay in clinic is necessary. The sutures (if not reasorbable) will be taken out within 15 to 18 days. Oedema or ecchymosis might appear after surgery which will gradually disappear.
Resuming walk will be done quite early, an antalgic treatment will reduce any pain especially when sitting (due to scars). It is possible to shower within four days. Within two week’s time, regular activities can be resumed.